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Syndicate 5 year Anniversary

Syndicate 5th birthday poster

COMMIX [Metalheadz/Hospital Records] UK
Syndicate resident DJs & MCs
HaoBuHao VJ

日期:2009-02-27 星期五
时间:930pm 地点: 愚公移山
地址: 3-2 张自忠路 电话6404-2711
门票: ADV 票额50元 在门口:80元
电话: 13671304233

Friday, February 27th 9:30pm @ Yugong Yishan
Address: 3-2 Zhang Zi Zhong Lu
Tickets: 50RMB Presale - available at Yugong Yishan (6404 2711) and Lush (8286-3566), 80RMB on the door
Info: 13671304233

北京最棒的 Drum&Bass 活动组织者 —— The Syndicate即将迎来自己的五周年生日! 我们诚邀您光临2月27日在愚公移山举办的庆祝活动。 The Syndicate 成立于2004年, 是中国内地历史最长的Drum&Bass 推广者,一直致力于在北京传播 Drum & Bass 和 dubstep 音乐,并定期将这两种音乐类型的顶尖 DJ 带到国内。 为了感谢您长期以来的支持, 他们将举办一次最震撼的生日派对!当晚的演出阵容不仅囊括了所有您喜爱的 Syndicate DJ 和 MC,还将聚集众多的特别来宾。

The Syndicate is celebrating their 5th anniversary as Beijing’s premier Drum & Bass music organizers and you are invited to join the celebrations, Friday Feb 27, @ Yugong Yishan. Formed in 2004, The Syndicate are the longest running Drum & Bass promoters on the Mainland, pushing drum & bass and dubstep sounds in Beijing, regularly bringing in the top DJs in Drum & Bass and Dubstep. To thank you, the Beijing party people for your support, they’re throwing their biggest birthday bash yet! The lineup features all your favorite Syndicate DJs and MCs as well as special guests from near and far.


Commix自英国剑桥崭露头角以来, 已经成为全球最受好评的Drum & Bass制作团体。 他们签到了 Hospital Records 和 Goldie 的 Metalheadz 旗下, 在这两个最具规模和最优秀的Drum & Bass厂牌的平台之上, 他们向世人展示了自己独特、多元的音乐特质。在通过其他的优秀厂牌, 如Good Looking, Shogun Audio, 31 Records 和 Creative Source 发表作品的同时,他们还以2007年的《Call to Mind》专辑成为第一个在Metalheadz旗下发表整张专辑的艺人,同时,这张唱片还被评为年度最具探索精神、最适听的 Drum & Bass作品。 The Syndicate非常荣幸地请到这队广受北京观众欢迎的双人团体,作为五周年生日派对的特邀嘉宾!

Coming straight out of Cambridge, UK, Commix are one of the most highly regarded drum & bass production duos around, signed to two of the biggest and best labels in Drum & Bass - both Goldie’s Metalheadz label and Hospital Records, which reveals their diverse and multi-faceted sound. While scoring releases on respected labels Good Looking, Shogun Audio, 31 Records and Creative Source, the duo were also the first artists to release a full length album on Metalheadz with their 2007 album “Call to Mind”, which was called one of the most adventurous and accessible drum & bass recordings of the year. Commix tunes have long been crowd favorites here in Beijing and The Syndicate is honoured to have them as special guests for the Syndicate 5th Birthday party.

Listen to Commix music on their Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/commix

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