The Syndicate present: Hospital 二

Logistics and Chris Goss


Friday November the 10th at Club Fusion, Beijing, China.

Support: DJs Elemental, Blackie, and DJ Wordy (D&B Set); MCs Terra D, Essention, and Webber; and the Haobuhao VJs.

A Syndicate Production. Call 1312 117 4961 for further information, visit the Club Fusion website for address details.

10pm start, standard tickets 50RMB, pay 80RMB for an open bar ticket and get free beer, soft drinks, and standard mixed drinks all night.


Logistics, with Chris Goss at Club Fusion, Beijing, 10 Nov 2006

A couple of years ago you could have been forgiven for thinking that the primary meaning of Logistics had something to do with the careful organization of a complicated activity so that it happens in a successful and effective way. How wrong that would have been... and yet how right.

After exploding onto the scene with his first Hospital release "Replay" in March 2004, Logistics went full steam ahead. Next up was "Together" which can only be described as an anthem, smashing up dancefloors everywhere. It was finally released not only on the "Future Sound Of Cambridge” EP, but also in VIP form as part of the mighty "Spacejam" EP, which continues to sell - many moons after its initial release.

As if this wasn't enough the modern day boy wonder played a major part in the heavy "Weapons Of Mass Creation 2" LP, not only producing a hefty four of the tracks featured, but also being the official selector for the mix on disk 2.

With a Logistics remix now becoming one of the hottest things in drum and bass it didn’t take long before producers came knocking; remixes included one for US house crew Mood To Swing for Zinc's Bingo Label, a remix for Friction on Tru Playaz and don't forget his seminal remix of Leviticus's 90s classic "The Burial" for Liquid V.

Now in 2006 and established by IDJ as the soulful D&B’s brightest young thing Logistics has just unleashed the 25 track monster debut, Now More Than Ever, showcasing two sides to this young prodigy in one fantastic album, "Believe the hype, this is the drum and bass debut of 2006.

Chris Goss

Chris Goss, with Logistics, at Club Fusion, Beijing, 10 Nov 2006

Logistics will be joined in Beijing by Chris Goss, Tony Colman’s partner/co-owner in Hospital Records and one of the men behind London Elektricity. He has great selection and mixing skills and brings over 10 years of experience behind the decks and in the production studio.

Hospital Records

Hospital Records is the brainchild of Chris Goss and Tony Colman. The label was started in early 1996 from their West London studio / HQ primarily as a vehicle for their own music. They are the two men behind London Elektricity and Hospital Records.

Tony and Chris have been working together since 1993. A brief pre-history: Tony's last band was the London street-soul/jazzfunk combo IZIT, which funked it's way round the world's live clubs + decks from 1988 to 1995. Chris used to work in Soho's Soul Jazz record shop. Tony started the label Tongue and Groove in 1992, and Chris joined the label in 1993 as label manager, following a freelance sleeve-design job. They formed Hospital Records in 1996.

Hospital's early drum and bass output earned the label an underground fanbase, but it was London Elektricity's "Song In The Key of Knife", released in Spring 1998 that really captured the imagination of the whole scene. As London Elektricity, Tony and Chris' first lp "Pull The Plug" released in the summer of 99, received much critical acclaim and is still widely regarded as a classic album.

Hospital has gone on to become a byword for quality soulful drum & bass thanks to a series of unfailingly consistent releases; from compilations (such as the Plastic Surgery and Outpatients series) to some heavyweight artist albums High Contrast's amazing Debut 'True Colours' and London Elektricity's fast soul classic 'Billion Dollar Gravy' and Logistics “Now More Than Ever”.

"The Future Sound Of Cambridge" unearthed some golden talents in Nu-Tone and Logistics and the hot signing of Cyantific provided another glimpse of good times ahead. Elsewhere High Contrast's second album 'High Society smashed it with the 'Basement Track and 'Racing Green' getting rinsed everywhere from daytime Radio 1 to the Notting Hill Carnival.

Hospitality, (Hospital's self styled club night) whilst being well at home at 'Herbal' London also represented in Cardiff, Brighton and as far as Berlin. Now established as one of the worlds biggest drum & bass nights Hospitality has launched a quarterly residency at super club Heaven, playing host to the likes of Andy C, LTJ Bukem as well as of course the NHS's own bad boy selectors. The signing of Syncopix from Germany and the release of 'The Future Sound of Budapest' confirming Hospital's International status. Meanwhile Tony went back to studio to unleash London Elektricity's 3rd album 'Power Ballads' in Autumn 2005. A gruelling tour followed as the band performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people throughout 2005, the album launch at London's 'Scala' will never be forgotten by those who were there.

2006, 10 years on... Hospital is still pushing forward the sound that got it where it is today. Expect big things this year from Logistics,Q-Project, and Cyantific. Expect Hospitality events to reach another level at super club 'Heaven' and beyond, plus expect Hospital DJs to keep on smashing it from China to Estonia. 100 releases on, amazing things to look back on, so much to look forward to, don't sleep.

Hospital Records will also have a gallery exhibition in Beijing during early Nov where Chris Goss’s artwork for the past ten years will be displayed.

Hospital Podcast

Hospital Records Podcast

The London Elektricity podcast has become something of a cult classic with 10,000s of subscribers tuning in to hear not only the hottest D&B tunes, but Tony’s musings (and indeed rantings) on everything from American foreign policy, Chinese dumplings, to High Contrast’s diet.

For more information about the podcast check the Hospital website.


11月10号,星期五。Syndicate和Club Fusion联合打造HOSPITAL场牌下的LOGISTICS和CHRIS GOSS。

自从HOSPITAL 10年纪念巡演上次在北京成功举办后,这次HOSPITAL给我们带来的是旗下最有代表力的两个DJ, LOGISTICS和CHRIS GOSS

LOGISTICS自从2004年在HOSPITAL旗下发行了他第一张专集后,他就变成了几乎是最高产的制作人, 他也同时和BINGO场牌和TRU PLAYAZ都有过合作。 他还被IDJ杂志评为DRUM BASS界最耀眼的新星。LOGISTICS环游世界参加了无数最重要的DRUM BASS PARTY。他疯狂的发表了25首舞曲在他的新专集 NOW MORE THEN EVER里,是2006年的一个奇迹。

CHRIS GOSS是HOSPITAL的老板,他在过去10年DRUM BASS界的革命里一直担当着重要的角色。不管是和LONDON ELEKTRICITY一起制作,DJ演出,传奇的CLUB制作,他都在影响着全世界的DRUM BASS乐迷。 CHRIS GOSS独一无二的音乐历史背景,即将会为北京的DRUM BASS乐迷带来一次宝贵的PARTY经验。


11月10号在CLUB FUSION,绝对震撼的DJ 和 音箱等着你。

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